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Errr I dunno.

Pool's pretty much finished now and there's no leaks. Hurray!

You know I went to a party to other day. Awesome party I must say. And the guy there had an Xbox that everyonr was playing multiplayer. Oh what fun. Waddya know. The Xbox can be fun. :P

A small update on things

Hello everyone. This is entry 3, day 3, of my Live Journal. :)

Well I came home today hoping my pool would be all finished! Heating and all. But it turns out there's a problem...There's a leak! How crappy is that. Now I have to wait at least another week for it to be 100% complete. And if there's a really hot day I'm gonna be very, very mad.

So - Checking out this new trailer for a new Halo game. Halo Wars. I still think Resistance: Fall Of Man will be so much better. I'm really excited that the PS3 is getting some really sweet games!

I'm still deciding on what I'm going to do with this Live journal. I've got some ideas that I think are pretty good. But I don't know what I'll be doing yet. It's a secret!

The Next Generation Of Consoles

(Might I remind you all that these are only my views. If you don't like them - don't go beserk)
So gaming has become a big part of people's lives now days. Many homes have an entertainment system that they use quite often.

I want to talk about the next generation of Consoles. XB360 was the first of the N-Gen consoles to be released. "So What?" I say. So they had a head start on things, they had less time to prepare for things. In my oppinion the XB360 is only a better version of the XB. Nothing really all that new.

The Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii is a whole different story.

Starting with the Wii (Used to be known as the Revolution). The Wii has a whole new design. The graphics have improved by alot (Even if it isn't as good as the XB or PS3) And then there's the controller...The new Wii-mote. (Remote. Clever huh). The controller is of course shaped like you're average TV remote. Not only that it has motion sensing. The XB360 has nothing.

Next is...my favourite! The PS3. The PS3 is almost just as bad as the XB360! Though it did improve on somethings. The PS3 improved it's graphics by far. It was easy to tell the PS2 had shit graphics compared to the XB. But now the Sony is back and better and the graphics whoop butt. And not only that the PS3 has online features. Sure XB360 has that - so did the XB, but Sony has promised to match 360 in every single way plus more! The controller may not look all that new - but it is! The controller has motion sensing! (sony stole the idea from nintendo I bet! >_<)And finally the PS3 uses Blue and HD. What more could you want?

But forgetting all of that...there's really only one big reason people buy these things...it's for the games. And PS3 has the best! Sure some of their best titles may not be exclusive anymore, but they still have them! Plus more! So the best are:
Resistance: Fall Of Man (They call it a Halo Killer)
Final Fantasy XIII
Final Fantasy Versus XIII
Resident Evil 5
Metal Gear Solid 4
Kill Zone PS3
Tony Hawk's Project 8
Heavenly Sword
Unreal Tournament 2007
Tekken 6
And more.

!!! See !!! Gahhh! Now that I've had my ramble - Comments?

The first Entry!!!!

Hello Everyone, this is the first post ever in my Live Journal! Introducing me! Dark Mage. So I'll tell you a little about myself.

I like, Anime, Manga, Music (All kinds! Except Rap...and Techno), Movies, Japan and Video Games.

My favourite Video game series is Final Fantasy. I have Final Fantasy VIII, IX and X. And I'm planing on getting VII, X-2 and XII.

I like anime and manga as well. My favourite anime and manga include:
Fullmetal Alchemist
Neon Genesis Evangelion
Eureka Seven

Red Hot Chili Peppers
Killing Heidi
Ayumi Hamasaki
Payable On Death

Resident Evil
Resident Evil Apocolypse
Matrix Trilogy
Memoirs Of A Geisha
Beauty And The Beast
Spirited Away
Final Fantasy Advent Children
Tomb Raider
Tomba Raider Cradle Of Life
Princess Blade

Final Fantasy

So yeah that's what I'm into. :) So if you're interested in those things you might find my entries interesting.



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